How worth is free interior design services provided by online furniture retailers?

Online big furniture retailers have started the trend of providing interior design services for free.

The business idea is, if a consumer gets free interior design services, they will purchase furniture from them which will increase their average order value.

The offer looks alluring to

lots of clients but as it is said

“Nothing in this world is free”

“Yes, we all know it is to improve sale.”


This idea of providing free interior designing to customers will definitely help the companies improve their sales and there seems nothing wrong with this business strategy.

If customers are buying one or two furniture, now with the interior designing services they may look at purchasing furniture for the entire house. So the average ticket size of purchase goes up.

But how being a customer can you get fixed with the ideas provided by these companies?

Yes, it looks affordable and accessible.” But when you do not know what you need versus what you want then …

You can end up buying more furniture than required. This can increase your budget.

You might feel “stuck” with availability/choices of the furniture and furnishing available on that site. Most of the website does not have the entire range of products. For example, you may not find right or required color of furnishing and may end up compromising on those particular products.

Even for small civil work, you might need a separate contractor. So you are still not getting end to end solution here.

Most importantly, designers are provided incentives to sell you furniture so the entire design revolves around “selling the furniture “than providing valuable ideas.


Can going to an independent architect or interior designer be helpful in this case?

let’s evaluate.

Here you have a choice of buying furniture from anywhere or from any online retailer and you would not then feel fixed with available options and buying from only one site.

Design created by an architect or interior designers are not based on selling the furniture and getting the maximum out of it. There’s no pressure to buy suggested products, and you can set the budget.

Here designers are not given any incentive to sell you furniture, which means you are guided right for what you need than what you want. A need is consumer’s requirement of product based on his functional and emotional benefits. A want is a desire for a product that are unnecessary, but which consumer wish for. Since a designer has expertise in knowing functional and emotional aspects of requirements, solutions are based on benefits and not on sale.

The conclusion: The consumer should evaluate choices by concentrating on features and benefits of different services. These services should be able to provide right guidance and not lead them down to unnecessarily confusing purchase paths.

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