Are you shopping for an architect?

‘Price is what you pay and value is what you get.’

 Warren Buffet 

Every architect must have heard this from his some potential client or other, ‘Your fees is too high. There are other architects who will do the same thing for half your fee’? I am sure most architects would agree with this but this article isn’t about architects facing problem but how unaware clients end up paying more than what they intend to by taking cheap services.

Stressing on price alone, especially for something as important as architecture services, will usually mean disappointment in the end result of satisfaction.

To know if a decision is right, the best way is to verify whether its benefits outweigh the costs, and by how much.

How does architect add value?

You would agree that they are professionals and that it mean something. No surgeon would perform surgery or even agree to operate without a thoroughly paid diagnosis first. I would also add that no doctor or any lawyer would even give free consultancy.Then why an architect?

Yes, it looks easy when they deliver an idea to a client in a discussion meeting. But that advice comes with experience and it could save tons of money to the potential client, who could end up spending more money trying to amend the design for the problems not addressed at the initial stage.

 The investment in right architect and in a quality design can save investment down the road.

Also, design ideas once given away, everyone thinks they can take that idea and do it themselves. Client/ contractor can’t do it as effectively as an architect can do.

You wouldn’t trust butcher to handle your upcoming heart operation; you want an M.D. And one that is a cardiac surgeon. Why should you trust the design of your home from contractor /builder but the most skilled designers? Not having a skilled architect help you with this, could possibly result in your paying builder(s) much more than you might have otherwise.

You hire an architect because they have experience and are experts in their field. You know the value is being provided, you know time is being invested and yet fees remains always questionable.

Conclusion: Cheap architecture services can be the most expensive kind when you miss considering satisfaction and return on investment.

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